Beauty loses its value if it were attained at the expense of someone or something else. Therefore, we strive to be sustainable for us and for those around us. A big part of that is the process of carefully picking the brands we work with. Our main focus has to be the effectiveness of the products, just because we demand results. But also, we love the products that contain natural ingredients. Due to the fact that they provide long lasting and real results, as they don’t cover up the symptoms but actually heal from within. Although for those who tend to use nature as a source, an obligation arises to take care of that you seek.

Hereby we would like to introduce some the brands we use with their own philosophy or story!



BABOR is an internationally leading brand of professional cosmetics that is still a family-run business to this day. The company is now headed by the third generation of the owner family. In order to meet the highest demands of its customers, BABOR relies on more than 60 years of skincare expertise made in Germany: all research, development and production activities take place exclusively at the company headquarters in Aachen. Therefore, every product from the idea to the finished jar represents a promise of quality and stands for science, precision and effect.

The MCCM – Medical Cosmetics

MCCM is about making the world happier. We are passionate about skin health and extremely committed to innovation and results. Hence, our brand is the result of more than a decade of client-driven research and development aimed at creating the best skin care treatments in the market and becoming leaders in excellence. MCCM embodies our philosophy offering the most complete range of high-performance professional cosmetics that produce transformative visible results from day one which will surprise our medical partners and make our clients happy. Our philosophy is to offer the most complete range of high-performance professional cosmetics that produce transformative visible results from day one. Bearing this in mind, our competitiveness is founded on three main axes: performance, satisfaction, sustainability.

The GelBottle

The GelBottle Inc was born with high quality and innovation in mind, offering an incredible array of over 360 unique colours to satisfy everyone’s taste. We develop cutting edge products like Builder In A Bottle™ and GelPot, two revolutionary builder gel systems for both natural nails and extensions. With our different approach we have rapidly grown into an international brand recognised worldwide and are quickly making our way to the forefront of the industry. We’ve learned that the way forward is to set trends, not to follow them.

The GelBottle Inc™ gel polishes are rich, highly pigmented, chip-resistant and offer extreme long-lasting shine. The good news doesn’t end there because we are also VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE and 10-FREE (our products don’t contain formaldehyde, Dibutyl phthalate, toluene, formaldehyde resin or camphor).


For over 30 years, L’ANZA has pioneered some of the most advanced, cutting-edge technology the industry has ever seen. From care to color, L’ANZA uses the most advanced ingredient technology, perfectly balanced with wildcrafted botanicals and potent actives to heal, seal, and protect the hair. We have earned a reputation for creating exceptional products acclaimed for their unsurpassed performance.

Healthy hair is the foundation for beautiful style. No matter what type or texture, L’ANZA Healing Hair Care has a prescription to reach even your most ambitious hair goals. Healing Hair Color offers a full complement of Permanent, Demi Permanent, and Semi Permanent color options for you to attain the season’s trending hues or simply get back to your roots.